Tuesday's Free Webinar from Mr Persuasion Reveals...

2 Cutting-Edge Psychological Discoveries For Getting People To Choose You Over Your Competition (Without Bad Mouthing Them)

Dear fellow business-person,

Yes that’s me in the picture, but we’re not here to talk about me. More importantly, if you’re at all frustrated with your less than ideal level of sales, you’ll know that your prospects must be going somewhere else?

So on Tuesday’s live webinar I plan to reveal how to subtly turn people off your competition, and on to you.

This special event will be:

  • Pure content. This will absolutely NOT be a 30-minute sales pitch.
  • Everything you need to immediately go and use these techniques. It won’t be random incomplete content that tells you what to do and then leaves out how to do it – you’re getting every piece of this puzzle
  • Did I mention PURE CONTENT? Your time is valuable and I respct every one of my students too much to make this a stupid excuse for me to spend 20 minutes telling you who I am, where I’ve come from or anything else that doesn’t matter. I always think that you’ll decide for yourself based on the quality of the content itself, not some ‘sob story’ rubbish that we see on Saturday night TV.

There are just 500 spots available and you can’t make it live, don’t worry a replay recording of the event will be made available to you.

Please register your place on this totally no-cost, no ‘missing bits’ webinar using the form on the right.


“Mr. Persuasion”